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  • ACMEE 2020
    14th International Machine Tool Exhibition
    18 - 22 June 2020
    Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India

    08th August - 11th August 2019
    India Exposition Mart Limited, Near Greater Noida

    26th Sep. - 29th Sep. 2019
    Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India


TS Pull Down chuck now in smaller Size 135mm.

  • SMW Autoblok high precision Pull Down chucks TS-C [Self centering] & TS-CP [Compensating] are now available in 135dia. Size.
  • The small size allows machining of small component at higher speed, increasing the productivity.

Steady Rest Now Available Upto 910mm Clamping.

  • SMW Autoblok has now come up with a Premium Line Compact Steady Rest with Big clamping range.
  • Additional pivoting upper arm for loading & unloading of component.
  • Completely sealed body with integrated coolant or air flush through arms.
  • The new Steady rest is available in 2 models
    KA7 with clamping range : 340 – 660mm
    KA7.1 having clamping range : 650 – 900mm

SMW Autoblok Launches new line of Steady Rest ECONOMIC CLAMPING │ Top price - first quality!

  • SMW Autoblok has now come up with Basic Line Steady Rest; these are the economical model with high quality features compared to other steady rest in the market. These steady rest are now available in SLU & SLU-A series.

Quick Change from 3 point contact clamping to 6 point clamping.

  • The PJC pendulum jaw for the KNC-S chuck which provides a cost-effective solution to change from a 3-point clamping to a 6-point clamping rapidly.
  • Reduction in Deformation of Component due to 6 Point contact.
  • The jaws are protected against dust and swarf penetration by using a seal.
  • Hard clamping inserts with serrated clamping surface and soft clamping inserts (to be bored on the chuck) available.
  • The PJC pendulum jaw kit is available for quick jaw change chucks size 200 to 325mm as from now!

Sealed Chuck Now available upto 1000mm

  • Autoblok has now extended the APL Series Chucks upto 1000mm.
  • Now the Long Stroke Sealed chuck will be available in sizes from 215mm to 1000mm.
  • Along with APL Autoblok has also extended NTL chuck series upto 1000mm.
  • NTL chucks are Completely sealed chuck with centrifugal compensation feature.
  • The chucks are now available in Sizes from 260 to 1000mm.

New Long Stroke Chuck in Big Size for Rail wheels Model: TWC Ø1450mm

  • New Product even more advanced. Suitable for Train Wheels or similar.
  • The only in market with effective centrifugal force compensation system to maintain gripping at high speeds.
  • Sealing system not making it hermetic, but allowing the chuck to be pressurized to avoid coolant and swarf penetration.

Premium Line Steady Rest with Adjustment of Turning center Line

  • Horizontal & Vertical micrometer Fine Adjustment of Turning Center.
  • Adjustment of Heavy Workpieces center line while clamped.
  • Coolant Flush through all 3 arms
  • Proofline Series – Fully Sealed – Low Maintenance.
  • Locking of Steady Rest Position via. Locking Mechanism.
  • Fully Interchangeable with SLU- X & SR series.