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Chuck adapters - Top jaws - T-nuts - Grippers - Gripping force meter - Grease - Accessories

Chuck adaptors

DIN 55026/ISO-A 702/1

  • direct or indirect mounting
  • reduction and increase mounting
Top jaws, T-nuts

  • hard top jaws
  • soft top jaws
  • T-nuts
Grippers, Clamping points         UGE, FGH, MGH

  • Grippers, special steel hardened
  • Grippers, carbide
  • Clamping points
Precision grippers         G14/25/15/30

Stationary chuck, pneumatic

  • High precision grippers
  • G14/15: light duty pull down
  • G25/30: heavy duty pull down
Boring rings         ADS

  • For boring of soft top jaws on chucks
Dress and cleaning plate         RPS

For dressing and cleaning of top jaw serrations

  • 2 different serrations per plate
  • upper and lower side
Gripping force tester        GFT-X

Gripping force tester GFT-X

  • wireless technology
  • dynamic gripping force measuring
  • static gripping force measuring
  • speed measuring
  • display software and connection to laptop / computer
Grease K05/ K67

Grease for chucks

  • K05: for manual and power chucks
  • K67: special grease for sealed chucks
  • grease gun: important for safe operation and maintenance of chucks