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New Technology

BP the New Sealed Power Chuck with an Open center

  • The Completely Sealed chucks are now available in Standard Open Center chuck, bringing high-production technology to Workholding systems in standard machines.
  • BP Power Chuck combine the flexibility of standard open center power chucks with long life, low maintenance, safety, precison & process consistency typical of the sealed chucks included in SMW-Autoblok Proofline series

SRG : High Precision New Grinding Steady Rest with repetability <0.002mm

  • The new SRG grinding steady rest series is used to support shaft type work pieces on grinding machines.
  • Repeatability < 0.002mm.
  • The integrated with a micrometer fine adjustment of the horizontal and vertical axis & Follow down features.
  • Retractable steady rest arms allow for auto load of the work pieces.
  • The SRG grinding steady rest is available for grinding dia. 3-136mm in 9 sizes now!

SMW-AUTOBLOK new high precision Chuck with Repeatibility < 0.004mm

  • The new standard chuck AcuGrind is designed for high precision turning and grinding operations.
  • The AcuGrind chuck is a Proofline series chuck – fully sealed and low maintenance.
  • Repeatability < 0.002 mm.
  • AcuGrind can be ideally installed on grinding machines.
  • The new AcuGrind is available in the sizes 80 – 250 mm now.

TX-RV High Precision Pull Down Chuck with Quick Jaw Change System

  • The new Pull down chuck is designed for clamping of workpieces with highest demand of parallelism & concentricity between ID & OD.
  • The chuck is a Proofline Series Chuck – fully sealed & low maintenance.
  • The chuck is equipped with Quick Jaw Change Feature which increases the productivity where frequent setup change is required.
  • Jaws are interchangeable between chucks of the same type without loss of accuracy.
  • The chuck is available in the sizes from 170 to 530mm now.

KNCS-2G - Flexible chuck for Batch production in the world

  • The recently developed KNCS-2G - the new generation of quick jaw change chucks - comes with a Sealing Features.
  • Seals on both faces of the base jaws and sealing components inside the chuck body prevent the chuck from dust and swarf penetration.
  • This reduces down times and the costs for maintenance. Due to the quick jaw change system, the set up times will be minimized.
  • The wedge bar drive and case hardened parts guarantee highest accuracy and precision.
  • The new series KNCS-2G is available from now in the sizes 210 to 400 in addition to the standard line KNCS-N.

SJL 6-jaw chuck for the clamping of easy deformed work pieces

  • NEW: The SJL 6-jaw chuck ensures highest accuracy for clamping of easy deformed workpieces.
  • The SJL performs highest radial and axial clamping accuracy.
  • Combination chuck: Adjustable to 2+2+2 Equalising or 6 jaw Self Centering clamping.
  • The SJL is fully sealed and oil bath lubricated.
  • Due to the centrifugal force compensation the chuck is ideal for high speeds.
  • The new SJL is now available in the sizes 225, 290 and 400 mm on stock! Matching top jaws are also available.

6 Jaw Sequence Pneumatic Chuck – BB-FZA2G

  • The new Big Bore chucks with, Sequence clamping enabling feature, for Self Centering & compensating clamping.
  • Adjustability of axial centering position for Pipe Threading using centering jaws.
  • Extra Large through hole with Extra Long rapid & clamping stroke.
  • Equipped with Pressure control & individual stroke control of each jaws in compensating mode.

BIG BORE Spring Clamp Chuck – BB-EXL-SC2G

  • The Front End Pneumatic Chuck with unique feature of clamping the component using Gas Spring
  • Low air consumption.
  • Reduces the clamp de-clamp time & ensures high productivity.
  • The chuck is a completely Sealed Chuck ensuring Low maintenance, long life & high availability of machine.
  • Step mode for partial opening / clamping for shimming.